We will have a hybrid meeting,
so you can participate online or on-site in the beautiful city of Evian.

Conditions to switching registrations from ONSITE to ONLINE
Starting from Saturday, September 18th a fee of 50% of the registration will be hold for the Switch from ONSITE to ONLINE.
Indeed, passed this date, the catering and other reservations will be charged. Thank you for your comprehension.

Last minute registration:

If you register during the conference
(From Sunday 26th to Thursday 30th) .

Please send us your payment proof by email at

Please note that the link will be sent to you the day following the day of your registration.




Condition of cancellation
Any Cancellation must be written and send to the ATouT.Com Agency (mail, or e-mail) and we will acknowledge receipt of your cancellation request.
-30 days before the congress: 100% of your registration fees will be reimbursed.
-20 days before: 50% of your registration fees will be reimbursed.
-10 days before: your registration fees will not be reimbursed.
(An application fee of 35€ will be conserved)
NB: Reimbursement will be completed after the seminar.