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Regenerative medicine and surgery have become more democratic over the past few years with the use of products derived from the human body in many specialties. Blood platelets, adipose tissue or bone marrow are reservoirs of growth factors or stem cells with multiple properties and are the subject of a large number of scientific studies in tissue regeneration. 

Nevertheless, there remains a great heterogeneity in the methods used to of obtain these products, which can be combined with each other or associated with synthetic products in the hope of obtaining more lasting and more visible results. The heterogeneity is not limited to the manufacturing methods but also concerns the scientific literature whose results oscillate between miraculous procedures with regenerative virtues for some and particularly lucrative placebos for others. 

The course entitled “Regenerative Medicine & Surgery: How to begin step by step – Best practices” brings together a complementary organizing committee of 4 international experts in the field of regenerative medicine and surgery, allowing both the biological and clinical aspects of this innovative specialty to be explored. It will take place at the prestigious Clinique Nescens in Genolier, near Geneva, which has a center dedicated to aesthetic regenerative medicine directed by Dr Sophie Menkes.
The first part of the day will aim to familiarize you with the most commonly used regenerative medicine products and introduce you to the latest innovations in the field, such as the use of exosomes or cryopreserved adipose tissue. The second part of the day will take place in an original format of “almost live surgery” to go into the details of the operating protocols of procedures from preparation to injection!  

The Organizing Committee,

Guy Magalon
Jérémy Magalon
Sophie Menkes
Gianni Soldati

“Whoever teaches must accurately describe each operative step down to the tiniest detail; we must be obsessed with detail. 
Whoever does must strictly follow the indicated technique;
The technique is a liturgy which obliges.
Any failure can be a mortal sin” 

Dr André Chancholle 
Pr Guy Magalon