As the smallest autonomous biological system, the cell defines a fundamental scale of organization in biology. The complex assemblies of cells during development lead to the emergence of much larger scales of organization underlying novel functions associated with the life and reproduction of multicellular organisms. These different scales of organization raise fundamental questions in the field of cell and developmental biology: How are subcellular cell structures and dynamics controlled? How can biochemical and mechanical cell interactions drive the emergence of complex organs? How can tissue or organ-scale processes in turn modulate cell organization and dynamics for the lifelong biology of multicellular systems? How these processes have been selected throughout evolution? How their dysfunction leads to various pathologies such as cancer?

To explore such fundamental questions and achieve a multiscale understanding of biology, the French Societies for Cell Biology and Developmental Biology, as well as CNRS and INSERM, are joining forces to co-organize the conference “From Cells to Organism: When Cell Biology Meets Development” in Paris from October 16 to 19, 2024.

During the conference, presentations from prestigious invited speakers and selected short talks will cover recent findings on a broad range of topics organized around 9 scientific sessions:

– Nuclear Architecture and Gene Regulation
– Cell Motility and Polarity
– Signaling and Patterning
– Cell Cycle, Growth, and Morphogenesis
– Mechanobiology across Scales
– Synthetic Biology from Molecules to Organoids
– Stem Cells, Cell Fates, and Regeneration
– Physiology, Metabolism, and Diseases
– Evolution and Co-evolution of Biological Systems

The cross-fertilization between the cell and developmental biology communities has already led to fundamental breakthroughs. We expect that bringing the two communities together in wonderful Paris to exchange on the latest findings and methodological advances will help revise old questions and generate new ones, fostering a comprehensive and multiscale exploration of cell and organism biology.

We look forward very much to welcoming you in Paris.

The organization committee

Yohanns Bellaïche
Claire Chazaud
Bénédicte Delaval
Delphine Duprez

Thierry Galli
Benjamin Lacroix
Stéphanie Lebreton
Christine Lemaitre

René-Marc Mège
Florence Niedergang
Jean Rosenbaum
Isabelle Tardieux