1st International Meeting


The website for workshop registration will be opened next week - accessible only after registration.
  • Lightsheet microscopy: Luxendo and Leica SPIM
  • Electronic microscopy: Cryo-preparation of samples followed by immuno-EM using the Tokuyasu method Agnès Burel & Ophélie Nicolle
  • Microscopy and Automation (high content screening) - Rémy Le Guével and Zeiss Celldiscover 7
  • Photomanipulation (measurement of viscoelastic membrane properties in living tissues after laser nano-ablation) - Mathieu Pinot
  • Microspectroscopy RAMAN imager – Alain Fautrel
  • Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) : Specific capture of cells in frozen tissue or cells in culture with RNA preservation. - Nicolas Crapart
  • Biosensors (FRET biosensor to follow activation of endogenous kinase) - Marc Tramier
  • High resolution (Single Particle tracking SPT/PALM) - Sébastien Huet
  • High resolution on living cells and in small organisms (C. elegans) - Grégoire Michaux
  • F-Techniques for live study of protein/protein interactions : FRAP on spinning-disk Clément Chevalier,  FCS/FCCS to study protein DNA interaction - Stéphanie Dutertre
  • Bimolecular fluorescence complementation in yeast model (BiFC) Gwenael Rabut
  • Image analysis : Classification of particle tracks for analysis of diffusion and dynamics in fluorescence microscopy - Charles Kervrann – and introduction to macro design - Sylvain Prigent
  • Bio-imaging events of high-color fluorescence microscopy and tracking of short-duration particles with a low signal-to-noise ratio " - Hélène Bouvrais / Laurent Chesneau
  • A robust statistical and simulation approach to identify different dynamical behaviors" - Yann Le Cunf/Hélène Bouvrais
  • Multidimensional acquisition at the highest speed allow by Combox, an innovative and universal solution to control microscopes - Combo microtech
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)/biphoton - François Tiaho
  • High resolution imaging of whole zebrafish samples after clearing – Maxence Frétaud (TEFOR)
  • Precision control of cell culture environment for advanced live cell imaging and microscopy – (CellAsic Onyx2- Merck)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Pierre-Antoine Eliat
  • Round Table 4D imaging - Arivis
  • Dragonfly spinning disk microscopy - Andor
  • 3D image analysis using Imaris- Bitplane
  • Cell measurement by High-throughput 3D imaging - confocal quantitative cytometer CQ1 Yokogawa (Proteigene)