1st International Meeting

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9th Imaging The Cell

June 28-30, 2017

Rennes, France 


Following the great success of the 8th edition in Bordeaux (2015), the French Society for Cell Biology is pleased to announce the forthcoming 2017 9th edition of the “Imaging the Cell” congress in the beautiful city of Rennes (June 28th-30th). This meeting will cover the most recent conceptual and technological advances in cell imaging at both cellular and ultrastructural levels.

The morning sessions will be dedicated to talks given by prestigious national and international speakers and selected short talks. During afternoon, technical workshops will be setup in the Microscopy Rennes Imaging Center and several others Imaging facility in Rennes.

With a strong regional and national history, the capital of Brittany located in northwest of France at only 2-hours direct flight from most European capitals, will welcome you with it beautiful medieval architecture and traditions. This festive town’s reputation is also founded on pleasures of the table and will provide you very specific culinary traditions. We will be very happy to welcome you in Rennes for this exciting meeting.

The Organizing Committee

Invited Speakers


The website for workshop registration will be opened next week - accessible only after registration.
  • Lightsheet microscopy: Luxendo and Leica SPIM
  • Electronic microscopy: Cryo-preparation of samples followed by immuno-EM using the Tokuyasu method Agnès Burel & Ophélie Nicolle
  • Microscopy and Automation (high content screening) - Rémy Le Guével and Zeiss Celldiscover 7
  • Photomanipulation (measurement of viscoelastic membrane properties in living tissues after laser nano-ablation) - Mathieu Pinot
  • Microspectroscopy RAMAN imager – Alain Fautrel
  • Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) : Specific capture of cells in frozen tissue or cells in culture with RNA preservation. - Nicolas Crapart
  • Biosensors (FRET biosensor to follow activation of endogenous kinase) - Marc Tramier
  • High resolution (Single Particle tracking SPT/PALM) - Sébastien Huet
  • High resolution on living cells and in small organisms (C. elegans) - Grégoire Michaux
  • F-Techniques for live study of protein/protein interactions : FRAP on spinning-disk Clément Chevalier,  FCS/FCCS to study protein DNA interaction, Stéphanie Dutertre
  • Bimolecular fluorescence complementation in yeast model (BiFC) Gwenael Rabut
  • Image analysis : Classification of particle tracks for analysis of diffusion and dynamics in fluorescence microscopy - Charles Kervrann –and introduction to macro design  Sylvain Prigent
  • Faster acquisition on fluorescence microscope (combo Microtech) - Jacques Pécréaux
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)/biphoton - François Tiaho
  • High resolution imaging of whole zebrafish samples after clearing – Maxence Frétaud (TEFOR)
  • Precision control of cell culture environment for advanced live cell imaging and microscopy – (CellAsic Onyx2- Merck)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Pierre-Antoine Eliat
  • Round Table 4D imaging - Arivis
  • Dragonfly spinning disk microscopy - Andor
  • 3D image analysis using Imaris- Bitplane
  • Cell measurement by High-throughput 3D imaging - confocal quantitative cytometer CQ1 Yokogawa (Proteigene)